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Ethiopian Airlines to order Airbus A350-1000

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Airlines August 1, 18:21 Airways Media

Ethiopian Airlines to order Airbus A350-1000

Ethiopian Airlines has updated its Airbus A350 order toward upsizing 4 of the A350-900 to its largest option - the A350-1000. This step will complement the carrier's capacity operations.

The A350-1000 brings capacity possibilities

The Airbus A350-1000 is the manufacturer's largest twin-engine widebody that incorporates the latest aerodynamic design, new fuel-efficient engines (25% less fuel burn and CO2), and a carbon fiber fuselage allowing the airline to fly long-haul up to 16,000 km.

Ethiopian Airlines has received 16 A350-900 jets out of 22 initially ordered. The 4 of the remaining 6 aircraft company shareholders made the decision to convert to A350-1000.

Mr. Mesfin Tasew, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO commented:

"We are delighted over the upsizing of the A350-900 on order to the largest variant, A350-1000, that helps us stay ahead of the curve in technology. We are the technology leaders in the continent introducing the latest technology and fuel-efficient fleet into Africa. The A350-1000 is the best fit for our dense routes, and we believe that the upsizing will be instrumental in satisfying the increasing demand of customers in our vast global network across five continents. We will continue on keeping ourselves abreast of aviation technology advancements to enhance our service and fulfill customers’ demand."

In pre-pandemic years Ethiopian Airlines demonstrated significant growth. Nowadays, as the company continues post-covid recovery by increasing flying destinations and passenger traffic, Airbus A350-1000 will be a good choice to benefit the Ethiopian flag carrier's success.

Earlier we wrote that French Bee has also chosen Airbus A350-1000 as the largest aircraft to increase its capacity possibilities.

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